Cooperative Research Seminars: Senegal, 2013

The EDC initiative

Between September 11 and 13 IFPRI and EDC organized two consecutive “Cooperative Research Seminars” (or CRSs) in Dakar-Senegal.

These seminars were designed to share preliminary EDC research on African cooperatives with the leaders and managers of three major Senegalese farmer organizations, in order to strengthen their capacity and obtain critical feedback. The two CRSs gathered a total of 30 participants from:

  • PINORD (Plateforme des Initiatives du Nord), which is an organization of Rice producer from the Valley of the Senegal River in the north part of the country, along the border with Mauritania.
  • CCPA (Cadre de Concertation des Producteurs d’Arachide), which are respectively involved in groundnut and maize value chains. See below the detailed report about these two events.
  • UPHORBAK (Union des Producteurs Horticoles du département de Bakel), which is an union of horticultural farmers located in the “region of the three borders”, across Bakel in Senegal, Kayes in Mali and Sélibabi in Mauritania


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