Cooperative Research Seminars: Uganda, 2014


Between November and December 2014 EDC organized a series of cooperative research seminars (CRSs) in Kampala-Uganda, in order to showcase the EDC research and outreach activities.


  • CIAT and IFPRI presented and discussed two publications titled: “Promoting the Role of Farmer Organizations for Value Chain Integration” and “Identifying challenges to collective commercialization by Farmer Organizations”.These two seminars were held at the IFPRI-IITA office in Kampala and attended by approx. twenty participants each, mostly researchers, graduate students, representatives of NGOs and agri-business service providers.

Kampala April 2016 318

  • CIAT presented and discussed the “Cooperative Life Cycle Framework” with the leaders and managers of three major Ugandan coffee cooperatives: Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Society, Nile Highland Arabica Coffee Farmer Association and Busoga Growers Cooperative Union. This seminar was hosted by Ease-Agriculture and IITA 



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