Cooperative Leadership Event: Uganda, 2016

G.N. Francesconi

The “Cooperative Leadership Event” held in Kampala-Kawanda, between May 3 and 6, was declared the largest gathering of agricultural cooperatives and farmer organizations ever witnessed in Uganda.

Participants included 100 leaders or managers of 100 agri-coops and FOs coming from all over the country, as well as 50 representatives of the following institutions:

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Event report 

Day 1: Data Collection

The rural leaders and managers who showed-up for the event were asked to fill an entry test to assess their leadership and management skills, as well as a detailed questionnaire about their coops and FOs. Such a data collection process was facilitated by a team of nine students and researchers, as well as by the representatives of partnering NGOs.

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Day 2: Training
All participants attended an interactive training session based on the “Cooperative Life Cycle Framework”. The slides presented during this training session can be found at the bottom of this page

Click here to read an executive summary of the content of this training session.

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Day 3: Coaching

Participants were divided into 10 groups. One by one all the leaders and managers of agri-coops and FOs were asked to discuss the life cycles of their organizations with the rest of the groups, which included: other coop or FO leaders and managers, students and researchers, and representatives of governmental and non-governmental agencies. A sample of all the cooperative stories discussed during this session can be found at the bottom of this page. By the end of the day the leaders and managers of agri-coops and FOs also filled an exit test (identical to the test in Day 1), to assess eventual changes in their organizational knowledge.

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Day 4: Policy Debate

High level decision-makers  presented and discussed the policies and programs of UCA, UNFFE, IFAD, Technoserve and NCBA-CLUSA (click on to see the ppt presentations) for promoting the development of agri-coops and FOs in Uganda over the next five years. The leaders and managers of agri-coops and FOs were asked to evaluate these presentations, so as to better understand their interests and needs in terms of program design and policy-making (see the results of these evaluations at the bottom of the page). The event was officially closed with a ceremony for awarding certificates of attendance to the participants.

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